To continue to improve teaching and learning at STC.
What is BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the terminology being used in education that encourages students to bring their own portable devices to school and into the classroom to assist and enhance their learning.

Why has St Thomas of Canterbury College introduced BYOD?
Our experience with our current BYOD programmes this year and extensive research shows:
  • That we need to prepare our students for future tertiary study and the work environment.
  • There are increased opportunities for collaborative learning.
  • It increases access to a huge range of electronic resources, which help enhance learning.
  • Engagement and motivation of students are increased.

There are a number of pedagogical benefits: (a) the NZ Curriculum specifically references the value of eLearning and (b) international research shows the benefits of eLearning for students.

To continue to improve teaching and learning at STC.

Students exist in a largely ‘digital world’ outside of school, but school is often a non-digital world. This programme has potential to increase engagement in learning as they use the tools they are most familiar with to facilitate learning.

What types of computers/devices will be suitable and cost?

The Senior Leadership Team is very aware that devices do cost and some are very expensive and when one starts to investigate buying a device for education there is a mind field of information. The Senior Leadership Team have developed a partnership with Cyclone Computers; this partnership offers assistance with purchasing of devices, insurance, maintenance, trouble shooting, financing options and professional development for staff.

Please visit their website

The code / password is: stccbyod

There are two categories of devices

  • Windows Laptops and
  • Microsoft Surfaces Devices

The HP Pavilion and ProBooks are only an option for the senior levels.

Microsoft Surfaces; are wish list devices / Santa Claus gifts

If you wish to purchase a device from Cyclone, just follow the directions. Payment options  are on the website but you have to enter the STC section of the Cyclone website. You will be asked to type in your son’s name and student ID is your son’s name. 


If you want any information about the devices please ring 0800 585 040. For information on the schools’ BYOD Policy, cyber safety etc please ring me or email me. (Tim Muir

Purchasing from a retailer

There is no compulsion to purchase a device from Cyclone. Please look at the site as it will give you sound information on the device that will be appropriate for using at St Thomas’.

Where parents purchase a device is a choice for parents. Please read the information below, as this will provide you a sound guide as to the minimum specifications and these features needed.


  • Cloud storage included: Get 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive so you can store all you want for a year.
  • Built for cloud computing on-the-go.
  • Office 365 compatible

Device Specifications
These recommended specifications

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Screen size of at least 11 inches
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64GB+ SSD but 128GB is preferred
  • 5GHz Wireless capability. 802.11ac standard and 2×2
  • Battery life 7+ hours
  • Keyboard
  • Light enough to be carried around throughout the day
  • Protective case/bag/cover – or ensure the device is sturdy enough for school use
  • USB port; video output such as HDMI, Mini Display Port or VGA; audio output
  • Camera and sound recording capability
  • Warranty – faults must be fixed quickly, and a temporary replacement service is desirable
  • Insurance (We strongly recommend that you take out specific insurance on the device. Our partner, Cyclone, offers a no excess policy. The school is not responsible for damage or loss of the device.)
Points to keep in mind

eLearning in the classroom

The amount that students will use their devices will differ from class to class and teacher to teacher. Some subjects lend themselves to using a computer more naturally than others.

All teachers will be and have been provided considerable professional development and time to allow them to grow their confidence in teaching a class where students have a computer each. This will continue to develop in 2015 and beyond. Our expectation is that the students will use their computers more often than not.

St Thomas’ has the Office 365 licence which enables all of our students to access Student Advantage which is a free Microsoft Office package for students.

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