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Canterbury Tales 2021

By 5th January 2022No Comments

As I sit here pondering the year I reflect on the “reason for the season” – giving and not receiving.  Joe Esera captured for all of us the fact that Christmas is the season to give love and thanks. Earlier in the year he shared a rap with the school about his family , loss and emotions. The standing ovation for Joe was a special moment for the whole school community during special character week.

There are so many events of 2021 that we, as a school, have been hampered by … but what I applaud is the ability of so many to be resilient and adapt to whatever situation was placed before us. Many lads have missed out on things like the ball, competitions and prizegiving … but the school has reacted always positively with the attitude of “how can we make this work”.

To the staff and boys leaving: thank you for your legacy, contributions and good laughs. Good luck in your next adventures. To the staff and young men arriving back, and new to school in 2022 … welcome. If anything is certain we need to “get on with it” and adapt to the uncertainty that next year may bring. 

Cheers Biggsie

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