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Canterbury Tales 2022

By 14th December 2022No Comments

Working in a school – what it means

Working at a school is a fun ride where we get the chance to meet wonderful people. Eli is just one of them for me and this is a powerpoint that he sent to some of his mentors and teachers. For me, it sums up the profession and also is a great way to cap off a very challenging year. We touch the lives of many and often do not fully recognise the impact that we have on them and also how they make us better humans.

Covid, lockdowns, contact tracing … let’s just add these to words such as liquefaction and the like! 2022 has been a year that has further defined the word resilience. But it all must return to the people we meet along the way.

Thank you everyone for allowing us, as humans to smile, laugh, cry and joke as characters in the tapestry of our your lives. To the leavers of 2022 – go well and be present… find the funny side of things. To the students and staff returning in 2023 – have a great time with family and friends and stay safe.

Cheers Biggsie

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