Information to enrol at St Thomas of Canterbury College.

Thank you for your enquiry about St Thomas of Canterbury College.

St Thomas’ is a Catholic school for boys from Year 7 to Year 13. The main point of entry is at Year 7 and Year 9. However, we may accept enrolments at other levels.


Priority for enrolment applications:

Priority is given in accordance with the school’s Enrolment Scheme. Click here for the St Thomas of Canterbury College Enrolment Scheme.


Preference Certificate:

A ‘Preference’ certificate is issued and signed by a Catholic Priest and must accompany applications for ‘Preference’ status.



As an integrated Catholic boys high school, the Ministry allow limited places (5%) for non-Catholic students (non-preference students). Non-preference applicants will only be enrolled if places remain after all preference applicants have been enrolled. Please read the enrolment scheme information and the criteria for ‘Preference’ status (i.e. Catholic).



2020 enrolments are closed, please email staff@stc.school.nz regarding late enrolments

2021 and future year enrolments are welcome at any stage

Domestic Student

Please ensure you attach your Preference Certificate and a copy of your son’s birth certificate to your son’s enrolment form

School Uniform

All school uniform is purchased through the school. Please contact Ngaire Lester nlester@stc.school.nz with enquiries.


Annual Fees

Attendance Dues

Years 7 – 13 – $839.50 incl Gst per student

 Diocesan Catholic Education Contribution

$60 per student

School Resources and Infrastructure Contribution

$700 per student

School Building Contribution (St Thomas of Canterbury College Foundation)

$300 per student

(All Contributions are classed as donations, do not attract GST, and are tax deductible and can be claimed at the end of the financial year)

Curriculum Fees

Some subjects attract a fee for materials used and retained by the student.

Attendance Dues

Are a legally binding charge on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic school. This is payable unless, in special circumstances, the charge has been waived by the Proprietor of the school for issues associated with a family. Attendance Dues are used to provide for capital works and the repayment of loans. Attendance Dues are determined by the Proprietors and approved by the Minister of Education.

The School Resources Contribution

Provides funds for areas such as

  • Support for the development of IT infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Additional support to the sports and arts coordinator salaries
  • Extra curricular sports, arts and cultural equipment
  • Special character
  • Printing and publications
  • Photocopying additional to the curriculum

Arrangements for payment in instalments or by automatic payment may be made.