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1st XI Cricket Update

The 1st XI has had a strong start to the season. There is a really good feeling in the squad and the level of commitment to the team and the individual to improve each week has been exceptional. The boys have been working hard in the gym a couple of mornings a week and trainings in the afternoon. 

There have been some impressive performances already and cricket is looking very strong for the college moving forward. The team hopes to be competing for the top grade by the end of the year. The goal is also to help out the rest of the cricketers at the school and keep them in the game. Something we will be working on a lot next year. 

Other highlights are Will Andrews being selected in the Canterbury Under 19 squad and Fraser Buckley being awarded the Willows scholarship to play cricket in England. 

Cricket is truly giving student athletes to opportunity to network and travel the world. If your son is interested in playing cricket for the college in 2020 please contact Tim Muir  ( ) or Alex Coulthard (