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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

After today’s lockdown, I would like to acknowledge how well our students followed our lockdown procedures under the leadership of our staff.

This morning before school, a group of our students witnessed a member of the public with a firearm. They did the right thing by informing a member of staff who then communicated the situation to the police. Due to the proximity to St Thomas’, we decided the safest option was to place the school into lockdown until we gathered further information through working closely with the police.

After releasing our students from lockdown, our staff have monitored the wellbeing of our students very closely. If you notice any changes in behaviour, or are concerned about your son’s wellbeing, please contact your son’s mentoring teacher in the first instance.

This morning was a very challenging situation for all involved. It was handled extremely well by both staff and students, due to clear instructions around lockdown procedures.

Kind Regards,

Steve Hart