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We have recently received complaints from residents living in the streets surrounding St Thomas’, of students’ vehicles parked too close to, or over driveways. On one occasion a resident with a health issue had difficulty leaving their property as a car was partially parked over their driveway.

We have been advised by a resident that they will be contacting the council and/or police if these parking violations continue.

Here is a reminder on where not to park from the NZ Transport Agency:

For your own safety, and the safety and convenience of other road users, there are certain areas where you must not park. You risk being fined and/or having your vehicle towed away if you park in these areas.

You must not park or stop your vehicle:

· on, or closer than 6 metres to, an intersection, unless there are parking spaces or a notice telling you that you can park there.

· in front of, or closer than 1 metre to, a vehicle entrance.

· where it will be in the way of other people using the road (including pedestrians).

· closer than 6 metres to a bus stop marked only by a sign.

· on ‘no stopping’ lines (broken yellow lines) marked within 1 metre of the edge of the road.