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7/8 STEM Teachers

As mentioned in the previous newsletter our Year 7/8 boys have been working through their STEM end of term assignment on “ChriSTEMas”. The assignment focuses on the work we have been doing on our basic maths skills (number) and experiments using the Scientific Method. The boys have got really stuck in and the work that they have been producing is of an incredibly high quality. One of the tasks required the boys to make Christmas “fairy lights” using acids and bases and the boys have done a fantastic job showing off their precision and perseverance in this task with many having to complete the experiment 3 or 4 times before getting the desired results. They’ve also had to make Santa’s sleighs that can float and complete a number of tricky maths tasks (so if you need help with the Christmas budgets, these boys are more than ready to help!). We are so proud of the young men and how they have worked this term – well done boys!