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A Message from “The Tidiest Office in the School”…..

This week has seen many boys and staff out of school competing on the many National sport stages around the country. If you are a keen Facebook follower you have been reading about the ups and downs of our boys and their various sports. A special mention must go out to the junior basketball players winning the South Island Tournament. A special mention also to the Rugby League boys in Auckland who will finish in the top eight in the country as well. Captain, Caius Fa’atili is to be congratulated on being named in the Tournament Team.

Exam week has been and gone and now onwards to November 7th when NZQA External exams start around New Zealand. Regarding the practice exams – these are a requirement for the possible necessity of Derived Grades for NZQA External exams. If your son falls ill or is caught in a predicament that makes it impossible to be present for an external examination it is my job to seek evidence to use for their result and grade – hence the Derived Grade. In the event of anything happening in the next few months it is imperative that you communicate with me regarding any concerns or questions you may have.

2019 is fast approaching and planning for option lines and staffing is well underway. I have been discussing with many boys ARA and SIT courses on offer for 2019 and documentation has been sent to parents of boys who have shown an interest. The areas of automotive, construction, electrical and hospitality have been discussed, at length, in assemblies with your sons mainly at the levels of year 12 and 13. My push for enrolment in these courses is linked to the limited places available and the need to have our young men on the required lists before they fill up.

In the next few weeks year 11, 12 and 13 course sheets will be made available and times for parents to come into the school to discuss option choices with mentors and staff. This is a process of making many pieces fit together and trying to meet the needs of every person. It is a huge jigsaw puzzle and one that can change in a second with any staffing change. You can be assured that we will endeavour to do the best for your son.

This coming Monday our Year 12 boys will be taking part in the “Loves Me Not program” run in conjunction with the NZ Police and Sophie Elliot Foundation. This is a program around having healthy, positive relationships. This is a wonderful opportunity and every year 12 boy is aware that their attendance is required.

The year moves on very fast and Xmas advertising is already starting to bug us.

Keep calm and remember that your kids will eventually be visitors to your house – once they move out!! Enjoy them while they are living under your roof.

Cheers… Brendan Biggs