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An Introduction from our DRS…

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whanau,

Welcome to St Toms!

My name is Stephen Kennedy and I am the Director of Special Character. I work alongside groups in the school, parishes and wider community to promote the faith development of our people. It’s a wonderful job because we can find Christ in many ways…

· Catholics attend Mass to sing, pray and talk together. The highlight of the Mass is the Eucharist. Anyone looking to reconnect with a Church or find a new way to grow their spirituality should consider joining me and my family at Christchurch West parish. Learn more here: This Catholic Church has many Mass celebrations and the Sunday 5pm Mass is great because it leads into the youth group (Years 7-13) where the teenagers get a free feed, prayer time, community and fun. Jesus often gathered people together to share their faith and celebrated the first Mass at his Last Supper.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

· STC is also deeply aware of the need we all have for right relationships that are healthy, dignified and equal. Jesus role modelled inclusivity and that’s why we celebrate our sense of brotherhood amongst the students. Likewise, when relationships break down we look to Jesus’ example of Restorative Justice to help rebuild our relationships.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

· Anyone looking to get baptized, make their First Holy Communion or Confirmation should contact our College Chaplain: Mrs Bernie Lee ( . St Thomas of Canterbury College has a wonderful Sacramental Programme that runs in partnership with the local West parish. We share adult info classes too! We’ll send more about this in a week or two. Jesus got baptized, confirmed his apostles and taught us how to pray.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

· Our College is also a community leader for social justice… we’re national champions for “Shave for a Cure”, local legends at the Saint Vincent de Paul shop, and always looking for ways to lie the gospel message of human dignity. There will be many opportunities for your son to join in this year. Jesus was a justice maker who defended those on the margins.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

· The College also offers spiritual retreats to every student. Each class will have a retreat this year and we’ll guide them for a day of fun, games and reflection.

· We’ll review what we can do for liturgies (Ash Wednesday, Lent etc…) and Masses… we’re adhering to the rules and advice of the NZ Bishops and government.

I’m thrilled to announce the Special Character Team for 2022: keeping me honest are….

Image by: Lynley Gibson

Wanna chat? Got an idea? Want to learn more? We’d love to talk with you!

Yours in Christ, 

Stephen Kennedy, Director of Special Character