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Attitude Programme for Schools

Next week (Wednesday 27th February) the team from ‘Attitude’ will be visiting St Thomas’s to deliver meaningful content to our young men on key health and well-being related topics. These presentations will potentially open up some very valuable conversations with your sons and we expect them to take away alot of key learning. Please see the list of topics that will be covered on the day with each of the year level groups. Please feel free to contact your son’s mentor teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Year 7/8 Tackling Technology (Being positive, safe and creative online)

Year 9 Hauora (Positive holistic wellbeing)

 Year 10 Hardwired (Drugs & Alcohol)

 Year 11 Sex with Attitude (Safe sex & healthy relationships) 

Year 12/13 The Pits (A practical guide to mental wellbeing)

Attitude Programmes for Schools

Equipping young people with life skills. Attitude – the youth education division of Parenting Place – is dedicated to equipping teenagers with the information and skills they need to negotiate the adolescent years and build meaningful lives.