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Careers News

For Year 12 and 13 students who will leave school at the end of the year:

The economic circumstances NZ needs to adapt to mean it will be harder to get employment at the end of the year. An extra 250,000 are predicted to be unemployed across NZ by then. This means further training is the best strategy to follow. The Government has announced extra funding in the area of vocational training for trades. Fees will be free for apprentices and not just for a year. This is a saving of $2500- $6500 per year.

Funding will be targeted in these areas:

  • Primary industries, including agriculture, horticulture and viticulture, fisheries (including aquaculture) and forestry;
  • Construction, including building, plumbing, and civil engineering;
  • Community support, including youth work, care for elderly, counselling and community health, including mental health and addiction support;
  • Manufacturing and mechanical engineering and technology;
  • Electrical engineering; and
  • Road transport (eg heavy vehicle operator).

This kind of support means a qualification is now within reach financially, with no student loan needed for fees. This is something of a game changer in the mix of factors which influence career direction choices. It deserves careful consideration.

Brian Knopp

Counsellor and Careers Advisor