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Changes to the School Bus Service

We wish to inform you of changes to the school bus services. All changes will come into force on Monday 22 February.

The 672 afternoon bus trip (Upper Riccarton to Rolleston) will be departing from Villa Maria at 3.10pm, and subsequent schools shortly after that. This is to better align with the finishing times of the schools along this route. The Wednesday bus times will remain unchanged.

From Monday, the 771 bus will depart from Halswell Shops at 7.40am, while the 772 bus will depart from Halswell Shops at 7.45am. This will alleviate overcrowding issues on the route 100 service.

There is also an additional route change to the 763 bus (to Prebbleton and Lincoln);

This bus will depart from Villa Maria at 3:10pm (15 minutes earlier than previous) on all weekdays, except Wednesday. They will pick up students from other schools shortly after.

Other school services also remain unchanged.

For more information, please refer to the Metro website.