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The boys began writing using the LEER structure for persuasive writing. Here is an example of a level 3 piece of writing from Tristan Reiha in 9MA:

I think Amanaki Mafi should be banned from playing rugby professionally.

I think this because he committed assault and harassment and it was not necessary. Also Mafi drinking at the time when his team was in a competition. 

My evidence on this situation is that both of these people (Lopeti Timani & Amanaki Mafi) admitted to drinking while they weren’t supposed to. Mafi & Lopeti were charged with a fine of $16,300 New Zealand Dollars by their club for drinking at a time that he wasn’t supposed to. The assault evidence I have was that Lopeti Timani suffered severe facial and bone bruising, bleeding in his ears and some concussion symptoms. Mafi also harassed Lopeti as he dragged Lopeti by the collar of his shirt to a car. The other harassment evidence I have was that Mafi chased Lopeti down the road 200 Metres until Lopeti found a bush to hide in. Mafi also could be charged with a 5 year imprisonment for assault and an intent to injure.
Mafi will hopefully be charged with the assault and intent to injure and serve 5 years in prison and never be able to play rugby professionally.

The boys have been studying the atrocities of the Holocaust in World War 2. Their major task was based around the causes and effects of this major event in human history. We have also introduced the skill of orally presenting a LEER paragraph this week. Students received a score out of three based on the following criteria:

  • Oral responses to the impacts and effects of the Holocaust
    1. Orally answer questions
    2. Orally describe the holocaust using LEER
    3. Orally describe the holocaust using LEER and specific information

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