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Covid Update – End of Term 1

As we come to the end of the term we are met with the news of a move to the orange setting in the covid protection framework. Please see below the latest information of note. 

Thank you all again for your support and diligence in responding to this pandemic. With your support we are one of the few schools that has been able to remain open for instruction at all year levels throughout the term. 

In this space I also wish to thank our staff and their level of commitment and professionalism throughout this term. Behind the scenes they have worked so hard to provide equal opportunity for every student regardless of their ability to be onsite or at home.

  • All parents, caregivers,
    whānau, and other visitors are encouraged to wear face masks on site.
  • All children and young people
    can participate in all school-organised teams and groups, regardless of
    their vaccination status.
  • There will be no outdoor
    capacity limits
  • There will be no indoor
    capacity limits