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Disconnect to Reconnect

Kia Ora Parents/Caregivers of Year 10,

On the 30th of May we are having our annual challenge for Year 10’s students on going device free for 24 hours. The aim is to ideally have more face to face conversations where we disconnect in order to reconnect with peers and parents. We need your support. Please talk and encourage your sons to put their phones and computers, or other social media and gaming devices, away. Have conversations, go and do something physical, cook tea together, play a board game, do something that will help you to connect with your son on a deeper level. 

We will be teaching and discussing the challenges and preparing for this day in our Rite Journey classes. We will also be challenging our Year 10 teachers to teach these boys without devices for the day!!

We will send a letter home to remind you of this two days before the challenge.

Why not do it with your son!!!!!!!!


The Rite Journey team

Kieran Coll, Jacob Allen, Tom Tennent, Paul Burton, Richard Washington