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End of Term 2 Report

This week has been a celebration of our special character – it has been fantastic to see our students so joyful. I would like to acknowledge the Leadership of our DRS, Stephen Kennedy, ably supported by our student leaders in organising a week that has highlighted all that is unique and special in a faith community. In amongst the fun is the clear message that our Catholic faith is what drives us, it is our why. At the centre of our faith is relationship, relationship with God, relationship with our selves, and relationship with our community.

Throughout this week our students have had the space and time to connect with their friends within and across year levels, and with all staff that make up our community. On Wednesday our focus was on supporting our wider community through raising money at our fair and a large clothing donation in which St Vincent de Paul will assist in ensuring these items get to those in need.

Tomorrow is the culmination of our week long celebration, we start the day with the most important event of our week, our mass. Mass provides us all an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and strengthen that connection through the Eucharist. The power of connecting as a school community at mass is an experience that is very difficult to describe but one in which is always a personal highlight. This will be followed by our singing competition and haka competition which are always hotly contested!

This term has had many challenges, particularly around covid and the flu which has meant high numbers of students and staff absent at various times of the term. I am so proud of both our students and staff in what they have been able to achieve given the physical ailments so prevalent in our community. To see all of the extra curricular activity continue to such a high level and fantastic achievement inside the classroom, has been phenomenal. A massive thank you to our staff who have ensured we have been able to stay open all term for all year levels every day, given the sickness they have endured, is staggering. On many occasions our staff have gone above and beyond, covering for each other at times when we have large numbers of staff away sick by covering extra classes, while also continuing extra commitments outside the classroom. I feel extremely proud to work alongside our wonderful, selfless committed staff.

I hope our students and staff are able to rest up well over the holidays as I know how tired and fatigued most are in our community.

I look forward to healthy and fit school community in Term 3!