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End of Term – Friday 27 September

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It is hard to belief we are at the end of Term 3! 

For our senior students it is a harsh reminder of the
importance of a clear focus on NCEA assessment, we have been very impressed with the work of our
students up to this point. The reality for our students is what they do from now until November will
determine their achievement outcome, we will be supporting our students fully as they seek to fulfill their academic potential. 

It is also very important to support our young men in holistic manner, this week we celebrated
Mental Health Week with student led assembly. I have been very impressed with the way our
students have come together to discuss all areas of Mental Health. My message to our students on
Monday was to Talk, Move, and Sleep – in my life journey I have found if we have a balanced approach
to keeping active, staying connected to others and sleeping well it certainly helps with our wellbeing. 

I hope our students are able to balance their holiday period with rest and recreation so we are all
able to come back at the start of Term 4 invigorated and ready to learn. 

This year we will return back to the Town Hall for our Whole School Prizegiving and Graduation – it
has been eight years since we last celebrated as a community at the Town Hall. I look forward to
celebrating and recognising all the wonderful achievements and moments that we have seen in

Attached to this email is a letter from our proprietor communicating a small increase in our
attendance dues for 2020. We are very fortunate to have the new buildings to learn in this however
does come at a cost. 

To finish off, I would like to set you all a challenge, especially a challenge to all the Dads
out there. Throughout the next two weeks try to take some time, push stop on life and spend some
time with a friend or a family member, leave your phone in your pocket and talk. Before and during
your conversation, look for the good in them, forgive them, thank them, affirm them, quietly and
unobtrusively, identify and celebrate within yourself their good points, and finally do not dwell on
their faults. It is so easy in the busyness of life to “see” the mistakes, the errors, the jobs that don’t
get done rather than “see” the good works and all the tasks that have been attended to. When we
change our perception, we can have a strong impact on those that are most dear to us. I look forward
to hearing of lots of quality conversations and time spent together.