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Evolocity 2018

Evolocity, this year, had many challenges.

Mr Reddy and Mr Wang took over as the main staff helpers and we saw a change in participation. After lots of great ideas and creative differences the team whittled down to a core group of Lewis Ball (Y13 ) as lead design, Jack Pugh (Y12) manufacturing and an elite team of juniors, Louis and James D’Aloisio, Lolouta Elia and Henry Thomson.

The boys worked regularly from term 2 to make a frame and re-purpose parts from last year’s vehicle plus parts from a mobility scooter.

The boys attended welding and electronics course run by ARA and the finished vehicle was ready for regional trials in September, when disaster struck the night before and it failed to perform with enough power to compete.

Undetered, the boys still attended and cherry picked ideas from competing teams.

The Nationals came in November and we did compete.

The boys raced in the drag race and the street derby despite blowing safety switches.

The crushing blow happened in the 3rd event where we blew up a tire and permanently damaged our wheel beyond repair.

We left early and I had just dropped the vehicle back at school when I got a phone call notifying me that although our team had not won any major awards, we had received a special commendation for Henry Thomson’s work on the vehicle’s electrical system.

A great reflection of the hard work done by this team.

Big thanks to Shane Reddy, Jason Wang and all the parents who supported our boys in this adventure. We will return next year.