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Future Based Learning Course

Take a moment to read the article below, written by Jesse Mullaly (Year 7) about a conference he attended on The Future of Learning;

On the 10th and 11th of July at Haeata College, there was a Future Based Learning Course which I was very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to attend it along with about 20 other children from schools around Canterbury.

At the course, we were shown new technology, where the future is heading and how we can change the learning environment for the better.

On the first day we worked in groups to come up with an idea on how learning in the future could be upgraded. My group decided on adding a new subject to the curriculum that a majority of the pupils liked or would enjoy and be to their benefit.

On the second day in the morning we looked and used technology that was yet to hit the market or was very new to the market. These products ranged from virtual reality with the World’s most powerful computer to controllable robots.

In the afternoon of the second day we kept working on and developing our ideas from the first day.

We are still developing our idea and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

We had lots of great food also!

Jesse Mullaly

Year 7