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High School Musical – get your tickets today!

Does the year seem to be dragging along with little in the form of entertainment? 

 Are you looking at Breaking Free from your school work and instead do some good ole procrastinating?

 Why Stick to the Status Quo and have another boring night in May?

 Because I know what you’ve been looking for… SOME ENTERTAINMENT!!!

 Well, we have something new that you can start to get excited about!

 We are Counting On You to come along and watch this year’s St Thomas and Villa Maria musical – High School Musical! From Tuesday 22nd until Saturday 26th May we are going to be putting on the show of the year in the Villa Maria Auditorium. 

This year we have been lucky enough to have been able to ‘double-cast’ some of our main roles. So, if you are planning on coming to; Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd or Friday 25th then you’ll be treated to this main cast: Troy – Jack Hurley  Gabriella – Lucy Hawker  Sharpay – Kate Stokes  Ryan – Oscar Sergel-Stringer  Taylor – Rebekah Pemberton  Chad – Isaac Smith  Ms. Darbus – Alice Feasey  Coach Bolton – Pawel Gall  Zeke – Eddie Morgan  Jack Scott – Romek Gall  Kelsi – Julia Curnow. 

 Or, if you are looking at attending the show on Thursday 24th or Saturday 26th then you’ll get to see this main cast: Troy – Anaru Shadbolt  Gabriella – Ella Berry  Sharpay – Jess Charlton  Ryan – Oscar Sergel-Stringer  Taylor – Rebekah Pemberton  Chad – Hamish Allison  Ms. Darbus – Hannah Marsh  Coach Bolton – Jacob Brown  Zeke – Eddie Morgan  Jack Scott – Romek Gall  Kelsi – Julia Curnow. 

This show should Bop to the Top of your priorities, and you should hurry in and grab your tickets before they are all gone! Tickets are on sale now from the STC and Villa Maria offices. Adults $15 and Students $10.

We can guarantee that you won’t be able to take your eyes off our show since it is full of dance, song, laughter and romance! It’s bound to be fun for the whole family; bring your parents, your annoying siblings, your grandparents and maybe even your weird cousins! 

Why, you may even say that we would all be in this together 😉 So, come along and cheer us all on!