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Holiday Well-Being

Kia Ora Whanau,

As the school year closes and our students have the holidays to grow, explore and have fun, some may feel lonely and vulnerable at times. It is important to regularly check-in to make sure they are ok and if you think something isn’t quite right, to take appropriate action.

It may be helpful for students to know who to go to for support during this break to stay safe and make the best of their holidays.

The SPARX website below is a fantastic online tool that helps young people with mild to moderate depression. It can also help if they’re feeling anxious or stressed too.

Another number for students to call or ring is youthline 0800 37 66 33 or free text 234. This service helps our young people 7 days a week with what is going on for them and to help support them.

IMPORTANT – Currently an APP which students are playing is BITLIFE which we highly recommend our young people are not using. It is minimises some serious issues in society around degrading women’s and men’s rights and sets up the boys to live in a fantasy world that does not exist. Monitoring what they are using on their devices can be very helpful. Research has shown that keeping devices out of bedrooms at night time has a major impact on well-being.

Some ideas for teenagers to do over the holidays:

We look forward to seeing all our young men back in January refreshed and excited for the New Year. Merry Christmas from the Pastoral team.