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Junior Kinesiology & Humanities 2022

Here at St Thomas’ our own Junior Curriculum and Pedagogy has continued to develop and grow in the space of engagment and Intergration of subjects. Our students are learning and gaining valuable skills through a thematic lens which has an emphasis on a connection to our values of Educating Hearts and Educating Minds. With this the kaupapa of this intergrated approach is to underpin our school touchstones of of gospel spirituality, inclusive community, liberating education and justice and solidarity.

Our Humanities (English, Social Studies and Religious Education), Kinesiology (Physical Education, Health and Digital Technology) staff have worked hard to split the year into a theme by theme approach for each term. Propelled and implemented due to the research and feedback from our learners and their whanau/community, our connected programmes have allowed high engagement with our students and use all subjects involved for the big ideas and questions. They also link massively to our schools catholic values and have a strong link to Maori and Pasifika culture. This will be the big push and focus for the whole junior curriculum and look to create a sustainable and culturally competent junior curriculum that engages and excites our young men.

The focus for this term in both subjects will be around identity and belonging and involve learning opportunities and tasks that allow for an educated heart and mind. Within this, key skills such as reading, writing and listening will be undertaken, along with digital learning skills and healthy online behaviour. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or your son’s teachers.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

Chris Leader

Teacher in Charge of Humanities and Kinesiology