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Junior School – Term 1

Kia ora Parents/ Caregivers,

Over the past four years, our junior curriculum and pedagogy has continued to develop and grow in the space of engagement and integration of subjects. We would like our students learning and gaining valuable skills through a thematic approach, which has an emphasis on a connection to our values of Educating Hearts and Educating Minds

Below is some information to help you understand how we operate our ‘Connected Programmes’ at STC. For more information, please refer to comments in bi-weeklies or connect your son’s teacher below.

What subjects are covered in each class?

Connected Class;




Subjects integrated within;

Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology

English, Religious Education and Social Studies

Physical Education and Health

What is the theme/ big focus for each year group?

Image by: Lynley Gibson

Who is my son’s teacher and how do I contact them?

Image by: Lynley Gibson

Dean Smith (Teacher in charge of STEM) &

Chris Leader (Teacher in Charge of Humanities and Kinesiology)