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Level 2 Mentoring Day Guidelines

Important information regarding Level 2 protocols when attending Mentoring Interviews. PLEASE READ:

It is important that you are following the Ministry of Health guidelines when attending Thursday’s interviews.

If anyone attending fits under the following categories, please stay away and book for another time or via Teams.


-Self-isolating (at the request of health authorities)

-Waiting for COVID test results


  1. At all times keep physical distance (1 meter) from other families and staff

  1. Please park offsite

  1. Arrive just before your interview and go straight to the room

  1. Sign in using the QR codes on the door

  1. You will be asked to wait outside before the teacher will let you into the room and sanitize your hands

  1. Exit out the marked doors (or follow teacher instructions)

  1. Do not wait around the grounds, exit as promptly as you can. If you have another interview go straight to the room and wait with social distancing practices. (If waiting longer please leave the grounds and return for your interview)

It is vital that, as a community, we adhere to these guidelines. Talk to your son to ensure you are clear on where you are going and the time of your interview.

If you are not comfortable attending, please arrange to meet your son’s mentor teacher either virtually or at another time.

Any questions please email your son’s mentor.

Image by: Lynley Gibson

Mentoring Interview Rooms – March 4th 2021:

JOYCE HOUSE – Dean – Thomas Tennent

JOAA – Andrew Auimatagi Gym Foyer

JOSM – Angela Smith D3

JOBR – Ben Rapson S4

JOLG – Leuma Gali S3

JODR – Dan Ryan MS7

JORF – Rachael Fowler Graphics Room

JOMT – Marty Taylor Careers Office

JORL – Robbie Lange Gym Foyer

JOSR – Shane Reddy Workshop

JOBL – Bernie Lee MS5

MARLOW HOUSE – Dean – Chris Leader

MADK – Daniel Kahura MS8

MABC – Ben Crosson Music Room

MAMY – Jack Mayo MS4

MASK – Stephen Kennedy S1

MAKL – Karim Lafdal L4

MAJL – Johnny Leo’o Weights Room

MAVR – Vincent Raj Art Computer Room

MASE – Dan Seelen Art Room

MABG – Billy Gulliver S8

MAWA – Jason Wang L3

MCCLINTOCK HOUSE – Dean – Andrew Strachan

MCCL – Kieran Coll MS2

MCBB – Brendan Biggs Admin (BB’s office)

MCPB – Paul Burton Atrium 1

MCJC – June Chey S2

MCBK – Brian Knopp Counsellors office

MCJM – Julie Maxwell B/O1 (STEM Building)

MCJR – Phil McKendry S6

MCBS – Blair Scadden B2

MCSC – SeYe Chan MS9

MCCT – Alexia Cutbush B1

RICE HOUSE – Dean – Megan Heather

RIAB – Aidan Baker MS1

RIDS – Dean Smith S5

RIHB – Hamish Barclay L2

RIKC – Tony Kidd MS3

RIMG – Maureen Gaffaney D1

RIMA – Margaret Guerin D2

RIAJ – Andrew Jones S7

RIMC – Paul McCarthy Atrium 2

RITM – Tim Muir L1

RIEK – Elizabeth Kennedy MS6