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Mentor Breakfast – Friday 27th May

Dear Parents/Caregivers of Year 10 Students,

As a part of the Rite Journey programme this year, the boys are required to find a mentor who will support them as they work through the Rite Journey this year. In Week 4 of this term, on Friday the 27th of May, we will have a student/mentor breakfast here at school.

The mentor could be an older sibling, dad, family friend etc. but will ideally be a male. More details will be given on this morning around what the boys should be discussing/working on with their mentor through the year and details for the second (final event) for this term in Week 9.

Plan as follows:

Come to the Hall at 8:00am sharp on Friday the 27th of May. We will be finished by 9:00am and the boys will head off to Period 1.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your son’s Rite Journey Teacher – contact details below.

Many thanks,

Rite Journey Teachers

10A – (Tom Tennent)

10B – (Chris Leader)

10C – (Robbie Lange)

10D – (Kieran Coll)

10E – (Andrew Auimatagi)