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Mentoring Day – Thursday 10 February

Resending for any parent or caregiver who may have missed this information.

I would like to invite you to the College on Thursday 10 February to meet with your son’s mentor teacher. The school is closed for instruction that day, meaning that your son is only required here at school during your mentor interview (in full school uniform). 

In the current climate this is a fantastic chance to whanaungatanga/connect in what is a difficult situation with many opportunities to meet being cancelled.

As a Kura we have developed our health and safety plan to ensure the protection of our whānau/community. These include:

  • 15 minute time slots
  • Wearing of masks
  • COVID tracking sign in
  • Limited numbers on-site, and separated

Please arrive shortly before your interview, parking off-site, and always follow social distancing protocols. When your meeting has finished, please exit the premises promptly for the safety of others.

This is a great opportunity to come in and talk about the goals your son has set this year around academic achievement, as well as other contributions to the school. It is also an ideal opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your son’s learning and how things may work here at the College. While the mentor teacher may not teach your son directly, they are responsible for tracking the academic and personal well-being of your son and are available to discuss your son’s overall approach to learning here at St Thomas’.

If, for some reason, you are unable to come in during that day, contact your son’s mentor teacher to make an alternative time to catch up. If you make another time, please note this appointment will be online, and will take place on Teams, not onsite.

Here are the mentor changes for current students:

Alex Coulthard JOAC for Leuma Gali (JOLU)
Kathryn Morgan JOKM for Rachael Fowler (JORF)
Matt Kippenberger JOMK for Marty Taylor (JOMT)
Marcelle Leo’o JOSM for Angela Smith (JOSM)
Katie Stanton MAKS for Daniel Kahura (MADK)
Sai Saukuru MASS for Johnny Leo’o (MAJL)
Maryanne Skidmore MCMS for Brian Knopp (MCBK)
David Hooper MCDH for Lexi Cutbush/Sai Saukuru (MCCT)
Andrew Strachan RIAS for Keri Campbell (RIAS)
Jamie Thompson RIJT for Margaret Guerin (RIMA)
Shannon Hurley RIMG for Maureen Gaffaney (RIMG)

To book a meeting with your son’s mentor teacher follow the instructions on the attached flyer or click on this link.

Many thanks.

Hamish Barclay
Assistant Principal