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Mentoring Day – Thursday 10th February

Kia ora whanau,

Just a reminder that school is closed for instruction tomorrow for our mentoring interviews.

In the current climate, this is a fantastic chance to whanaungatanga/connect in what is a difficult situation with many opportunities to meet being cancelled.

Students are to attend this day with parents in school uniform. These will occur in your son’s mentor room (see below).

As a Kura we have developed our health and safety plan to ensure the protection of our whānau/community. These include:

  • 15 minute time slots

  • Wearing of masks

  • COVID tracking sign in

  • Limited numbers on-site, and separated

Please arrive shortly before your interview, parking off-site, and always follow social distancing protocols. When your meeting has finished, please exit the premises promptly for the safety of others.

Please stay away from the school office unless absolutely necessary.

If you have not yet booked please click on this link. If you are unable to attend, please contact your son’s mentor teacher to arrange a time via Teams. 

Mentor Groups 2022:

JOYCE HOUSE – Dean – Thomas Tennent

JOAA – Andrew Auimatagi Gym Foyer

JOSM – Marcelle Leo’o D3

JOBR – Ben Rapson S4

JOAC– Alex Coulthard S3

JODR – Dan Ryan MS7

JOKM – Kathryn Morgan Graphics Room

JOMK – Matt Kippenburger MS8

JORL – Robbie Lange Gym Foyer

JOSR – Shane Reddy Workshop

JOBL – Bernie Lee MS5

MARLOW HOUSE – Dean – Chris Leader

MAKS – Katie Stanton Atr 1

MABC – Ben Crosson Music Room

MAMY – Jack Mayo MS4

MASK – Stephen Kennedy S1

MAKL – Karim Lafdal L4

MASS – Sai Saukuru Weights Room

MAVR – Vincent Raj Art Room

MASE – Dan Seelen Art Computer Room

MABG – Billy Gulliver S8

MAWA – Jason Wang L3

MCCLINTOCK HOUSE – Dean – Ruihi Kawenga

MCCL – Kieran Coll MS2

MCBB – Brendan Biggs LEO

MCPB – Paul Burton MS1

MCJC – June Chey S2

MCMS – Maryanne Skidmore RJ Room

MCJQ – Judeena Quinn B/O1 (STEM Building)

MCPM – Phil McKendry S6

MCBS – Blair Scadden B2

MCSC – SeYe Chan MS9

MCDH – David Hooper B1

RICE HOUSE – Dean – Megan Heather

RIAB – Aidan Baker L1

RIDS – Dean Smith S5

RIHB – Hamish Barclay L2

RIAS – Andrew Strachan MS3

RIMG – Maureen Gaffaney D1

RIJT – Jamie Thompson D2

RIAJ – Andrew Jones S7

RIMU – Tony Mullally Atrium 2

RITM – Tim Muir GYM

RIEK – Elizabeth Kennedy MS6