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Ministry of Health Update

Kia ora whanau,

Please see the latest information update from the Ministry. If your tamariki are unwell, stay home. We have several winter bugs and flu circulating currently as we near the end of Term 2. Please look after your whanau.

The Ministry of Health has updated its advice on getting infected again with COVID-19 within 90 days of a previous COVID-19 infection in light of increasing evidence that reinfections can occur earlier than 90 days.

The latest evidence shows that getting COVID-19 again within a short period of time can happen – but it’s unclear how common it is. Reinfection is also more likely as new variants spread among the community.

Reinfection advice:

  • You are more likely to become reinfected as your immune
    response from the vaccine or your previous COVID-19 infection decreases
    over time.
  • If a person develops new COVID-19 symptoms and it’s 29
    days or more since their previous infection, it’s possible that it’s a
    reinfection with COVID-19 and they should take a rapid antigen test
  • If it is 28 days or fewer since the last infection,
    there’s no need to test.
  • Within 28 days, symptoms are most likely due to lasting
    effects of the initial infection or a different new respiratory infection.
    A new COVID-19 infection is difficult to diagnose within 28 days because symptoms,
    viral levels and test positivity may fluctuate during this time.
  • COVID-19-like symptoms may well be caused by other
    infections like the common cold, flu or a chest infection.
  • For most people, illness caused by reinfection is
    likely to be no more severe than a first infection, but they can
    experience different symptoms.
  • it is
    possible that you have COVID-19 again and you should take a
  • if you
    test positive, this will be considered a reinfection and you should follow
    the standard COVID-19 isolation guidelines.

If a person is not getting better, or becoming increasingly unwell, they should call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or their doctor/healthcare provider.

Evidence on reinfections is evolving rapidly. The Ministry of Health is constantly monitoring what’s happening internationally and updating their guidance to ensure it is in line with the latest public health advice.

Paul Burton

Assistant Principal

Operations & Sport

St Thomas of Canterbury College