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Nau mai, haere mai, talofa lava, malo e lelei, bulavanaka, kia orana, warm greetings

I trust you all enjoyed a restful and spiritual weekend over the Easter break.

 While it has been a short week, we have managed to fit in a full week’s worth of work, including a Yr 7 camp, 12 Biology field trip, preparations for Bishop Lyons and the combined schools mass.

I would like to commend all of our coaches and competitors  that are representing St Thomas over the weekend at Bishop Lyons:  Impromptu: Daniel Fogarty, Debate: Oscar Sergel-Stringer, Cormac Gallagher, Anaru Shadbolt, Junior Speech: Brooklyn Heather, Senior Speech: Jacob Brown Scripture Reading: Tahuora Himona-Burcher, Religious Questions: Pawel Gall, Romek Gall, Will Topham.

Photo above from left to right;Back Row: Jake Brown, Cormac Gallagher, Oscar Sergel-Stringer, Romek Gall, Pawel GallFront Row: Anaru Shadbolt, Daniel Fogarty, Brooklyn HeatherAbsent: William Topham, Tahuora Himona

I will enjoy watching our boys compete over the weekend, and it would be fantastic to have a large group of our boys supporting their school mates throughout the competition.

I would like to thank all of those in our community who participated in the short feedback survey about our mentoring days and the longer survey on well-being. Due to this feedback and alongside our own data and research, we will be making changes to the way we report our junior curriculum and opportunities for our teachers and families to work closely together in the future. I will report on this in depth in the next newsletter.

As we come to the end of this long and busy term, it is time to reflect on all that has occurred throughout this term. We are so often simply measured as a school by our NCEA results or National Standards in the junior school. It is interesting to note that while these measures are important, there is a whole lot more that develops our young men into good human beings. It is so often the extra work that is done out of school time, in coaching, instructing, mentoring, choreography, tutoring and listening to our young men in good times and bad,  that are the changing moments in our young men’s lives. For this, I thank our staff for the countless hours of dedication that they put into growing great men.