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Online Learning Parent Survey

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Over the past few weeks here at the college, we have been almost re-starting the year in many facets of college life as we have welcomed our young men back onto the premises. During this time, we have also been reflecting on our approach to online learning and looking for the opportunities and practices that worked really well for our students. While we recognise that it was an emergency approach to online learning rather than authentic online learning itself, we really want to take the gold nuggets that worked well and adapt them to the classroom environment with the aim to further engage your sons in school life.

As a staff we have been able to reflect from the perspectives of teachers. What we are missing is the perspectives of our community, the people that were at home alongside our students as they engaged in learning online. Below is a small survey that if you have a spare 5 minutes, we would love to hear your voice and feedback around what worked well for you son/s and what did not. We are committed to taking the best pieces of this approach and look to adapt them into the classroom.

A very big thank you in advance for your time and thoughts around our online journey.

Kind Regards,