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Our Kids Online – Thursday 19 August

Villa Maria College Auditorium – Time TBC

Rob and Zareen are a blended family with four children between them aged ten to sixteen.
Two years ago they had been researching the pros and cons of children having handheld
devices. Their research led them to some shocking discoveries, in particular, around children’s
exposure to online pornography and predators. 

They discovered that children, from all walks of life and from very young ages, are accessing
pornography either by accident, through curiosity or by being shown it by other children. At
home, at school, during playdates, and in other places with access to free WiFi. The exposure
is causing a multitude of issues for different age groups. 

And it’s not just what our children are seeing online, but also who is seeing them; the online
world of predators. 

The more they spoke to parents and tried to find easy to follow, practical solutions, the more
they realised the extent of overwhelm and confusion like their own. 

So they decided to continue their research, spend time with, talk to and interview experts,
professionals, organisations and communities in New Zealand, the USA and Australia. In April
2020 they released their documentary ‘Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators and How to Keep Them
Safe’ as a tool to help parents understand the world our kids are living in and show them
those badly needed practical solutions.



Be sure to mark this on your calendar – a fantastic opportunity to hear this presentation.