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Parents Webinar – Building Resilience to Get Through Tough Times

This webinar is free, but you are required to register. 

Wednesday 23 September 2020, 7:30PM – 8:30PM

Resilience is more than having the capacity to “bounce-back”. It is proactively developing a mental reservoir that we can draw upon, replenish and never fully exhaust. Today the necessity to cope in the presence of stress, change and adversity has never been so important.

How do we actually go about becoming personally resilient? Register for this free workshop to learn how to:

  • Understand what resilience really is
  • How to develop personal resilience
  • Gain skills to help build resilience reserves
  • How to maintain and sustain your resiliency in challenging times
  • Ways to adapt, rebound and move forward even stronger

Facilitated by Mel Johns MASW, B.A. (Hons), Cert. Supervision, Cert AOD Counselling, RSW.
Mel is an engaging facilitator who has over 20 years experience working in the mental health and addictions sector.

Resources for Parents: Mana Ake Flyer,Mana Ake Website