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Park Smart School Programme

Please see the correspondence below, advising our community of the Park Smart School Programme, commencing on Monday 27 July:

Dear Principal, St Thomas of Canterbury College,

Schools are busy areas where there are often lots of children who may not understand the danger of roads and vehicles.

To help keep kids safe, our Parking Compliance Team will be running an educational and enforcement programme at St Thomas of Canterbury College from Monday July 27 2020 to Friday August 7 2020.

The aim of this programme is to promote safe parking practices to improve road safety around schools.

Over the two week programme, we’ll have a minimum of two compliance officers on site to promote safe travel around schools and explain what parking offences can result in fines.

The first week will involve public education to promote safe ways to park around schools.

The second week will involve enforcement of safe parking practices and infringement notices will be given out to anyone parking illegally.

We’re here to support safe travel to school. For tips on improving road safety and promoting active modes of transport to get to and from your school, please visit:

Adam Busson

Senior Parking Compliance Officer

CS-Operations Team – Transport

03 941 8688