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Pastoral Information

Checking in with your boys

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers and Whanau,

We are now into week 4 of school and the honeymoon period is over for a lot of our young men. Conflicts, fatigue and frustrations are starting to show. It could be a good time to check in with your boys around their well-being. If we don’t know, we can’t help. On Mondays during mentoring the boys start with circle time, this is a chance to reflect and discuss issues that matter to them in a safe environment with the guidance of our mentor Teachers and Senior Students. Like many young men, a lot wear masks as a way of surviving and fitting into a new environment which we know can be a challenge. We want to help create resilient, compassionate, kind, caring men with an educated heart and educated mind. The old saying that it takes a village to help raise a child is very true, we want to help you and support your child as much as possible during their schooling time.

Our school counsellors, Brian Knopp and Claire Burrough, are a fantastic resource to help empower the young men with skills that can help them now and in life. It’s also very important you know your son’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and using our restorative culture and catholic values to serve them along the way. In particular, our junior men might be struggling with the new environment and figuring out where they sit in this big pond. I have attached a great poster around bullying and some key differences between what bullying is compared to one-off events. If your son is in year 7/8, please contact his mentor teacher and/or Chris Leader, who is the Dean for this area. Alternatively you can also email the house dean which can be found on our website

Many of your sons have potentially told you we have banned the use of phones in all junior classes. This was from staff, student and parent feedback last year. Your son can still have a phone for morning tea and lunch. We have already seen a huge increase in engagement and will shortly be evaluating the senior school. Managing self is a major part of a young man’s life and the New Zealand Curriculum. This begins with the correct uniform to and from school, he will be sent to Tony Kidd in the morning if he doesn’t have the correct gear. With this warmer weather St Thomas’ sun hats can be purchased from the school uniform supplies.

Any questions on this please get in touch.


Richard Washington

Assistant Principal – Head of Pastoral.

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