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Reporting for Term 2

Attitude to Learning (Y7-13) 

This term your will son will receive feedback from his subject teachers on a fortnightly cycle.
This will be largely based on your son’s engagement in his learning, supported by three
comments (start, middle and end of term) to provide greater clarity. Please see the key
indicators below;

5 – Fully engaged, completing all set work 

4 – Has engaged well and is completing work 

3 – Some engagement, most tasks complete 

2- Little engagement, very little work 

1- Has not engaged with any of the learning 

The Attitude to Learning reports will be published on Monday in weeks 3, 5, 7, 9. If your son
receives a grade 2 or below you will receive an email from the subject teacher explaining
any concern. 

Mid-Year Report (Y7-10) 

At the end of this term there will be a summative report with achievement data across all
your son’s subjects. There will be supporting information provided at that time to explain
the various curriculum levels and strands. 

Please contact your son’s mentor or subject specific teacher if you have any questions or
concerns around his progress. 

Ngā Mihi 

Andrew Auimatagi 

Assistant Principal – Engagement & Innovation 

St Thomas of Canterbury College