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School Strike for Climate Change Rally – Friday 24 May

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

You may be aware that on Friday 24 May a further School Strike for Climate Change Rally is to be held in Hagley Park, Christchurch at 1pm, and that students are being informed by social media and other means of this event.

I am sure that you will have discussed this issue and the School Strike for Climate Change Rallies with your sons, and it is not my place to simply ban our students from attending, and in fact we have no means to enforce such a ban. If your son does attend, it is important to note a few key points:

* The event organisers have not, to my knowledge, sent any information to schools about the structure or security measures for the Rally. Given our duty of care, if your son is intending to attend, we need your approval indicating that you know they are there by contacting the school.

* Any student who has permission from home to attend will be marked as explained but unjustified. These are Ministry of Education guidelines and going on strike would be classed as unjustified. If there is no permission then they would be marked as truant.

* You do need to be aware that if there is an assessment on that day, the school’s assessment procedures will apply.

Kind Regards,

Steve Hart