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Semester 2 Select Classes – Year 7-10

Good morning parents and caregivers,

Please find attached the information for your son to choose his SELECT classes for semester 2. There is a course information booklet which gives some information as to what each class is about. For further information your son can talk to the teachers of these classes to find out more information.

Also attached is a copy of the option forms that have gone out already to the students. Sometimes they get lost in the depth of school bags, so I have attached them so you can see what is available.

Most subjects repeat the same class in semester 2, so in that instance we ask you and your son choose different subjects for semester 2. The exceptions to the rules here are that in Year 10, a number of subjects are FULL YEAR classes so students cannot come into them half way through the year. Also in Year 9 a few subjects offer a different programme in semester 2 so students may take that course again with the teachers permission, and new students may come into those classes as well. These classes are noted on the option forms.

Lastly, attached is a form to complete if you son wishes to choose Elite Sport as an option next semester. This form must also be returned with the option forms.

All option forms are due back to the main office by Monday 15 June.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,