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Shave For a Cure – Monday 8 April

… $19,000 fundraised.

The 2019 Shave for a Cure took place early this week and went off with a hiss and a roar. Last year’s St Thomas Shavees set the bar high with their total of almost $14,500 fundraised, giving us the goal of beating that total for this year with an aim of raising an almighty $15,000. 

After a slow start, we were able to up the anti, with the boys really kicking in to the fundraising in the last couple of weeks, allowing us to fly past our already lofty goal and raise an exceptional $19,000. 

On Monday, we were able to start off the day with the much anticipated shave for the boys. With the help of the great guys at Benny’s Barbers, we managed to shave a whopping 37 St Thomas heads. 

A big thank you to all the boys, teachers, barbers and anyone who helped make this such an amazing day on the school calendar.