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Special Character Week

At the end of Term 2 we will celebrate one of our biggest College traditions: Special Character Week.

It’s a declaration and celebration of what it means to be a Catholic boys’ school in New Zealand:

  • We will celebrate Mass with Fr Michael Therese Scheerger: there will be songs and prayers in different languages that reflect our community. This year we add a karakia waiata.
  • We will sing in Tongan as a part of our ongoing goals around multicultural awareness. Thanks to our Catholic Tongan community for their support in this.
  • We will compete in a massive haka contest.
  • We will raise money for our community through a fair that promotes team building and ethical business practices
  • There will also be a mufti day on Wednesday and we will collect clothing for the needy. (1563 items donated to Saint Vincent de Paul in 2020!) Send your son to school with as much unwanted clothing as possible!
  • We will enjoy competitions like tug of war, staff v students basketball and indoor football.
  • We will grow closer as mentor groups with fun activities
  • We will have a massive talent show.
  • We will welcome old boys back into the College as our judges and special guests.

It’s clear to see how these activities demonstrate our Catholic mission to guide young men with “educated hearts, educated minds”.

Like you as parents, these are the values we want to grow in our young men to make them dignified, loving and kind citizens. This is how we can round off knowledge with ‘manliness’.

The Year 13 Leadership Team have designed the week because our community needs moments of joy, laughter, triumph and peace. It’s about Belonging and Believing. Believing in yourself, you school and in God’s love.

Saint Thomas of Canterbury College is a school community that reflects Christ’s mission in the Gospels: we honour the dignity of the individual, we care for the community and we trust in God to help us when we are faced with challenges.

I’d like to talk more about the Mass:

On Friday we will have the College Mass. Catholics believe in a God that is personal, up close and, through the life of Jesus, one of us. But we can’t let God into our life if we’re not humble like the centurion….

The centurion said “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof” and in the Mass we will say, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof, but only say the word and I shall be healed.”

This is a special moment: we put God first by being humble. We need healing.

Then we receive the Body of Christ. We need God in our lives.

Then we all sit in silence and count the blessings in our life. We need mindfulness.

This coming Friday let’s all say the words together. We need to belong to a community. This school is a faith community.

This Friday, we celebrate our Catholic community so let’s be brave, humble, and clever like the Roman centurion.

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Kennedy

Te Kaiwhakahaere o te tūnga whakapono 

(Director of Religious Studies)