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STC Facemasks

After many weeks, the creation and selling of our STC facemasks has finally drawn to a close.
This was in a joint effort to improve the availability of facemasks for STC students (despite Alert Level 1) and to help support the Christchurch City Mission at a time when (due to the effects of Covid-19) demand for their services is high and donations are, unfortunately, very low.
Supporting the Christchurch City Mission, in a time of relative uncertainty, is vital given the importance of the support they offer for so many right here in Christchurch, like through their food bank, rehab services, and emergency housing support.
I’m pleased to say, as a result of the hard work and generosity of many in our community, we were able to raise a staggering $347 for the Christchurch City Mission.
Shout out to everyone who donated an old St Thomas tie or two for this initiative, and to everyone who bought an STC facemask in support.
Last but definitely not least, a massive thank you to Christine (and Keith), Mr Taylor (for the rugby ties), Ms Smith, and the seamstresses she put us in contact with, for going above and beyond in their work behind the scenes, and many of them for donating their time and talent for the sewing of the facemasks.