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Swimming Sports 2021

Swimming sports this year was another successful event. It was awesome to see so many boys getting involved by not only competing, but supporting their fellow peers throughout the day. 

The house competition was a tight run affair. Rice took an early lead buoyed by a strong performance in the house chant competition. It was a battle right to the end for the trophy and by the time the open relay was swum only 20 points were separating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Congratulations to Marlow for taking out the trophy for the 12-straight years. 

2021 Swimming Sports:

1st – Marlow 697 pts

2nd – Joyce 673 pts

3rd – Rice 647 pts

4th – McClintock 426 pts

Swimming Champions 2021:

Year 7- Jacob Tullet

Year 8- Ben Morrison & Tom Feary

Under 14- Kalib Clarkson

Under 15- Nico Solodi

Open- Cody Reid