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Term Three | Well – Being | Pastoral Care at STC

This week at the Junior assembly, I spoke about the importance of well-being and looking after ourselves in times of stress and busyness. Term three is just another extension of the previous terms, which were a mixture of sport and other extra-curricular activities weigh in on an already full on academic lifestyle. Our boys at St Thomas’ are hugely involved in several activities outside of school and with their academic work and life inside school, including peer relationships and rapport with teachers, can find themselves stressed, run down and generally unhappy at this point in the year.

The foundation of wellbeing/hauora is a positive school climate where all feel valued, actively participate, and respect and care for each other. If we can have this in our environment at STC, a strong sense of pride and connectedness is fostered.

From a pastoral point of view, the well-being of our students is the most important aspect of our roles. A happy and energetic teenage boy is one that has positive and strong well-being and if this is prevalent our boys are more likely to succeed in what they are doing.

At the assembly, I discussed the 5 ways to Well-Being, which is a government strategy through the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. I challenged the boys to give one of the actions and ways a go. This was in order to improve their mental health and overall well-being. The Five Ways to Wellbeing, Ētahi ara e rima ki te ngākau ora, is a set of five simple actions that have been proven to improve wellbeing in everyday life.

They include:

1. Connecting, Me Whakawhanaunga

  • Get involved in groups, organisations, competitions, or say HI to people you usually don’t.

2. Giving, Tukua

  • Offer something to someone, donate to someone in need, help a friend.

3. Taking Notice, Me aro tonu

  • Take notice of your surroundings/environment, read a book, get fresh air, rest.

4. Keep Learning, Me ako tonu

  • Set yourself a challenge, try, learn and discover something new, seek new experiences.

5. Be Active, Me kori tonu

  • Bring activity into your everyday life, try swimming, running, dancing or any new activity that keeps you mentally and physically fresh. Move your mood.

A reminder if you or your son are concerned about his well-being, go through the process of contacting the mentor teacher. From here the mentor can pass this on to school counsellor or the deans.

Chris Leader | Year 7 & 8 Dean