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The Annual STC Can Drive

Here at STC we are driven by our Gospel Spirituality.

Whilst Jesus offered hope and love to people a long time ago we still continue the mission to serve. Specifically he said we get into Heaven through acts of compassion and service such as “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” (Matthew 25:35). But what does that bit of the Bible look like at STC?

Thanks to all families and mentor teachers who have been encouraging their young men to share what they can to support the annual STC and Saint Vincent de Paul can drive.
Updated totals for end of Week 1:

Joyce house: 109

Rice house: 93

McClintock house: 86

Marlow house: 73

Total to date: 361 cans/packets of food to help people in our local area. That’s 9 banana boxes!
The can drive finishes on the last day of term in 2 weeks time. That’s 10 days of school left!!

God bless you in your work and rest. Thank you for your generosity and support of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.
If you require assistance from SVdP, please contact the team on 389-7484. They can help with food parcels, furniture, financial planning advice and care.
Yours in Christ

Stephen Kennedy