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The Calling 2021

In March over 300 of our Year 10 Students and their parents gathered on the top of the Port Hills for the annual ceremony to formally begin the Rite Journey Programme. This is a chance for both students and parents to reflect on their journey of boyhood and to look forward to the steps they will take to become a valued and ethical young man in our society. It is also a chance to be present. We live in an increasingly busy world, to allow parents and sons to stand together and look out over Otautahi as it wakes up to a new day is both a spiritual and moving moment.

We thank the PFA for their ever loyal support of this morning, cooking a fantastic breakfast and having hot drinks ready to go on our arrival back to school. Here our men presented their parents with a letter of gratitude to thank them for the past 14 years. This is a poignant time for many parents and a very special event for our Rite Journey teachers to observe.