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The New Whanau Room!

A massive mihi to all the whānau who helped to make our room the new, and highly successful WHĀNAU ROOM. 

The contributions of plates, cups, toaster, toasty machine and jug has helped to provide a comfortable and welcoming place to kōrero, eat and relax for many.

A special acknowledgement to our senior student leaders, who have, without prompting, put together a monitoring roster, as well as a contribution container to help provide simple pleasures for the room, such as noodles, milo, milk and the all important DISHWASHING LIQUID 😜.

It fills my heart to know that our young men have a place to go to feel comfortable. I love too the responsibility all who enter the room are taking, to make sure it is respected, and tikanga is adhered to. Dishes are done. Furniture is returned to its original place. Rubbish is put in the bin and not on the floor. Respect is evident. This is a home away from home. 

Kia mau ki te tokanga nui a noho. 

There is no place like home… 

Nā Whāea Celle