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The Rite Journey Programme

As part of the Rite Journey programme last Tuesday, we had Darren Folau in as part of our mentor morning to talk about the importance of a mentor in adolescent boys lives. These days more than ever our young men are vunerable and need to be listened to. 

Darren has worked alongside young men for 30 years. As a policeman and now, as a Pasifika educator. He has seen a lot. His messages were on the importance of identity. He discussed the impact of the dawn raids on him and his family, youth mental health and suicide. He also discussed that in the police there is a well-known notion nothing good happens after midnight. He then directed his attention to our Year 10 men discussing that nothing good happens after 10pm – as mentors and parents being aware that alcohol, the online world, the birds and the bees, and pressure are all going to become key areas to talk openly and honestly about over the coming years with their young men. The Rite Journey is almost halfway through the year. Moving forward in Term 3 the big events are our parent/son workout event, and the charity fun run!

I would like to also thank the hard work and commitment of our Rite Journey teachers in the effort and depth they go to during this programme to organise events and hold conversations that will take these boys forward beyond their school years. These teachers are, Robbie Lange, Kieran Coll, Phil McKendry, Tom Tennent, and Andrew Auimatagi.