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The Year 13 Leadership Team

Last year we celebrated our annual Prizegiving and graduation in the Town Hall.

It was also the night we announced the 2021 Year 13 Leadership Team.

Today’s Mass was a chance to honour them, introduce them and present them with their leadership badges.

These young men are called by their peers to grow the culture of the College.

This year you’ll see them and hear them driving the biggest and most exciting parts of College life but more importantly, they’re focusing their energy on all the little things (that we all know are the big things!): making the new little brothers welcome, dignified and valued in the STC brotherhood.

  • Four of these leadership roles directly relate to the 4 touchstones of Edmund Rice Education around the world. We keep these touchstones as sacred pounamu taonga in our hall.
  • Three of these leadership roles provide voice and vision for the Maori, Pasifika and Filipino communities in our College
  • The title ‘Kaitiaki’ means ‘guardian’ and is used for the four Houses of the College. In 2021, the Kaitiaki are also sports captains promoting participation, good sportsmanship and friendship.
  • The Culture and Student Council leaders will recognise the talents of the College community and promote collaboration.
  • The Deputy College Captains have created their own specific roles for growing our College’s culture of love, respect, prayer, hope and brotherhood.
  • The College Captain will unite the team, grow leadership right across all the Year 13 Big Brothers and communicate the vision between staff and students. 

The 2021 Year 13 Leadership Team is:

Image by: Lynley Gibson