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Tuakana and Teina

This year every student in Year 13 committed themselves to 100 minutes of service in the College each week. Their service is framed around the idea of Tuakana and Teina: Big Brothers and Little Brothers. We encourage this as a way to show engagement.

So far this year I am thrilled to report that 79% of year 13’s have served the College almost every single week.

The most popular form of service is proving to be working with our junior students. I think the Year 13’s picked their favourite teachers or subjects, or chose to work with the little brothers from their mentoring groups. It’s all about relationships and a desire to ‘give something back’. The ‘little brothers’ tell me it’s cool when the older students give them advice and the teachers are also enjoying the support.

Pictured here is Luke Hancock in Year 9 Chinese class. He is also joined by STC old boy Izaac Beever. Izaac finished at STC in 2017 but has been volunteering in Chinese classes since he returned from university in China. Both Izaac and Luke have been on STC’s China tours so they bring a great deal of expertise to the Chinese classes.

I’m really proud of the way the Year 13’s have rolled their sleeves up and got into classrooms.

Yours in Christ

Stephen Kennedy, Director of Religious Studies