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Up, Up and Away!

Thank you very much to Mr C Moriarty, who is a grandfather to one of our boys and attends the Rolleston Men’s Work Shed. Mr Moriarty made some wooden airplane kits for our boys to use towards their Stem projects.

Over term three the Year 9 boys have learnt about different materials – hard, soft and solid. We investigated into making a product and decided the materials we would use for the product e.g. wood and what age group would best suit our product.

Thanks to the kits supplied by Mr Moriarty, a few boys were able to use them for their project, with the boys spending time to paint them up. The boys were also able to use drills to attach the wings and glue to hold the back wings in place. All the boys felt that these planes would suit a child from the age of 3 and up. Perhaps later on they may be able to extend the challenge of adding an engine to them so they can fly?